that are caught in the Greek seas
ENSEA - Φρέσκα & κατεψυγμένα αλιευμάτα και μαλάκια


The center of our commercial activity concerns fish that are caught in the Greek seas. We give great importance to the selection and freshness of products.

Greater Amberjack

Seriola Dumerilli

Dusky Grouper

Epinephelus Guaza

Scorpion Fish

Scorpaena Scrofa


Sardina Pilchardus

Bluefin Tuna

Thunnus Thynnus

John Dory

Zeus Faber


Engraulis encrasicolus

Little Tuna

Euthynnus Alletteratus

Red Mullet

Mullus Surmuletus


Dedicated to its development, ENSEA has the certifications ISO 9001: 2015 – Quality Management Systems and ISO 22000 – 2018 Food Safety Management Systems. Also, the OKAA Organization certifies the implementation of the food safety system, establishing a HACCP approach.


Having the responsibility to achieve and guarantee food safety, we check and packed all our products upon receipt. Samples are regularly taken and subject to analysis ( e.g. Histamine levels, traces of heavy metals etc.)


For the domestic transport of goods, the company has refrigerated trucks suitable for the transport of fresh catches, while for our export activities, we choose shipments by truck or air, depending on the products and destinations.


We are committed to control our purchases and production modes according to the sanitary regulations.

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